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This page was established in Friday, July 11, 1997.
Last updated on Wednesday, August 12, 1998 (One year since the last update August 6, 1997).
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I am back! YES! I am back! But this time, without any new songs. :( Guys and gals, please don't forget to sign in my guessbook. Thanks!

Finally, I am brave enough to publish my own songs in the Internet. But please don't ever have high expectation on my songs, they are in...... merely acceptable quality only. So far, I have only managed to compose very few songs in midi format, as I don't even have a keyboard to input my notes --- all done by PC keyboard and mouse click only. That takes a lot of time. Furthermore, it's very hard for me to adjust the velocity of the notes, wheels, modulation, etc. So, please... don't have high expectation on my songs.

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These are some of my very few examples, you're welcome to listen. Please enjoy yourself ;-)

Hey! Pretty Girl NEW my all time favourite! updated 12th August 1998.

There are some bugs somehow at the introduction part of the song. This is just a debugged version.

This is my FIRST midi composition. I rearranged it many times in many versions and this is one of the craziest tune. The introduction is very soft and calm, after a while, the music starts to rock, and finally, it hits the climax and ends a Grand FINALE!

Well, I wrote this song in 1992, one of my first composed songs. And now, everybody seems to be enjoying this song, why not I put it here?! Enjoy!!

These are the Alpha, Beta and first release of "Hey! Pretty Girl!". You may compare what's the difference between these arrangements. ;-)

start.mid NEW still haven't finished. updated 12th August 1998

Someone indirectly inspired me to continue to write this music. <> ;-) I composed this song for a very long time ago, and never managed to complete it. This is because I haven't got the whole idea of this song. I haven't figure out what will happen to the tune after this song ended suddenly. Well, if you have any suggestion about this song, you are welcome to email me. Composed around April 1996.

To Tell You my latest chinese song.

I composed this song around April 1997, only managed to put in the strings and the main tune as well as the piano accompaniment. Soon, I will rearrange this song again to more authentic tune.

Leaving apart one to each other is one of the hardest part in our life. Before I left to somewhere else, I found that there were still a lot of things I haven't done, especially some words I haven't said. Well, I did say it in this song.

Just Let Me Drunk!! one of my emotional song.

I think this song is one of the touchy song I have ever wrote. It has a very dramatic introduction. But after that, I was too lazy to continue to make this song more emotional than it as now. I will rearrange this song sooner or later to make it a more complete song rather than just the dramatic introduction and flat tune.... Hey... it also has a climax!! Composed around May 1996.

It was a very sad day, a tragic thing happened to me. I just wanted to get myself drunk, but I didn't do that. A tune suddenly poped up in my mind, that's this song...

Chi Ai very chinese like tune pop music

Hah!! My friends say this song is very chinese like tune. Well, I will let you judge it! I composed this song around November 1992.

Jesline My First Raggae

Wow!! This is a very long tune with multiple variations of the main theme. It's my first Raggae!!! I'm sure you will like this tune!! Composed in 1994.

I was thinking about composing something different from the pop or sentimental style. So I started hammering my piano and my mind started to order my fingers to play the tune of this song. It's just like that! Then I tried to play it in various style with harder technic. That's how the variations came. Hehehe... don't try to play this song. It will make your finger "cross-linked"!! Well, did I say I can't play my own song as well??

Below here are some songs I am still working on.
Please come back here frequently to get the latest update of my songs.

Maestro Music SuiteNEWexcerpts - soft tune 6th August 1997

This is the first midi file I made in Unitele. Thanks to the PC here -- no AWE32 soundcard, no Cakewalk, no time(!) etc... So, I have to install my own Cakewalk and install the Wingroove software wavetable. Sigh...

Maestro Music Suite is one of my music project that I dream to do for a very long time. The very short tune you listen in this midi file is just a very short excerpt from the whole masterpiece (?! masterpiece ?!) Please come back here always for the latest update of this song.

Cakewalk version (5.0) is also available here - suite1.wrk

wholuvme.mid another pop tune like sentimental song

I have just written a few bars for this song, not even to say it's well arranged. I need suggestion about this song. Or... I will just abandon this piece, coz' I am out of idea again.... Composed in 1997.

To Tell You (old version) the older tune of To Tell You

This song is actually the same as To Tell You, but only the first verse part is different, as well as the introduction music. You may compare this older version with my newer one. Tell me which one you prefer.

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