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Welcome! You are the person to know more about Maes since Wednesday, July 23, 1997.

His real name is Chong Hooi Chia, in Chinese (He is a male). He was born in December 16, 1976, which is the same birth date as the greatest composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

After high school graduation from Jit Sin High School (National Type), Bukit Mertajam in Penang Malaysia, he is proceding his studies in Universiti Telekom. He is currently taking Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Computer.

Besides studying, he spends most of his leisure time on internet and anything related to music as well as seeking for the truth in human life.

He had a wonderful music life when he was very young. Started learning piano since 7 years old, for less than 5 years experience, he has became one of the most acquired piano accompanist in Penang state, although he was just passing his Grade 5 examinations that time.

However, during his secondary school life, he has stopped learning piano due to an accident to his finger. He became his school choir's piano accompanist and promoted to be the choir master and conductor. He started his music composition career when he was only 14 years old. After he graduated, he came back to the school to become the choir's tutor. He has also found the person he hold dearest to him during that time too!

Besides music, one of his best fields is the computer knowledge. In July 1996, he purchased the Creative Sound Blaster 32 PnP CT3600 and heavily used it for composing and playback his compositions. After one month of purchase, he established the AWE32 Fans Club mailing list for AWE32/SB32 users in Malaysia.

In May 1997, he was offered to continue his studies in Universiti Telekom taking Computer Engineering. While in university, he has established Maestro Music Board specially dedicated to his most beloved one. He published a few music compositions for the Maestro Music Board. However, as university life was unexpectedly much more heavier, he was too busy to compose and update his homepages. AWE32 Fans Club mailing list, with no other choice, had been abandoned. Since then, he was focusing on Maestro Music Board only.

During his university life, he is practicing vegetarianism, the perfect way to a healthy and peaceful life. Besides that, he is also cultivating the purest quality inherent in the nature of man, that is, the Great Compassionate Love in his life.

In the future, where no one can guess, he might become a full time musician and publish his own music. Or, he might just become a successful computer engineer or continue his studies into a higher level.

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