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This is a two month old club for AWE32 users. However, this club is now "resting" as the club's president, secretary, treasurer and all the committee members are very busy with their studies. (Actually all of the posts are taken by a single man, that's me.)

Until now, I have more than 15 issues...

  1. Introduction and AWE32 RAM Upgrade
  2. Softwares for AWE32
  3. AWE32 and Its Competitors
  4. AWE32 WWW Sites
  5. The Midi Players
  6. Mod music players and editors
  7. Vienna 2.0 soundfont editor review
  8. AWE64 secrets
  9. Software wavetable synthesizers
  10. Software wavetable synthesizers II
  11. Software wavetable synthesizers vs hardware wavetable synthesizers
  12. Audio and Midi Plug-in for Netscape Navigator
  13. Audio and Midi Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  14. Creative Inspire 1.0 review
  15. AWE64 WaveSynth/WG tips and tricks
  16. Cakewalk Pro Audio tips and tricks

The truth is, my mind has already dried out of idea. Don't know what to publish in my sixth issue. Perhaps you have any good suggestions. Please tell me.

This is the advertisement for my AWE32 Fans Club I sent to the Jaring newsgroups:

Do you own an AWE32/SB32 sound card?
Do you want to know more about computer music, MIDI, and
Are you interested in making your own music using AWE32/SB32?

If you do, let's join the AWE32 Fans Club mailing list.

Just as simple as drop a mail to [email protected] with

subject : "subscribe AWE32" (without the quote marks, match every upper/lower cases too)
message : whatever you want to say about your AWE32 experiences, music talents, MIDI knowledge ......

and I'll put you in my mailing lists. Before you do this, please read the rules and secrets first.

What benefits you'll gain :
- Weekly topics about AWE32, sbk/sf2s, midi, audio, music composing etc.
- Monthly FAQs if enough questions, supports and comments from you all.
- Weekly Hooi Chia's Pick, a great tuned midi file will be given each week

More benefits you'll gain :
- Monthly user .SBKs
- Latest news of AWE32/SB32, and other sound card products
- Subscriber's music compositions
- more ...... if more suggestions from you all

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