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Welcome to the Malaysia's First Homepage for the Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 families. I have added a lot of midi files. Please goto "GM and GS Midi Files" page and download. Enjoy listening!

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About AWE32 Fans Club

This club however is not a real club. It is actually a mailing list maintained by me. More about this mailing list, click here. After suggestions from my list subscribers, I decided to bring this club on the World Wide Web to make it accessible from every part of the world. The AWE32 Fans Club is dedicated to every AWE32/SB32 users in the world.

Man Behind The Page

Who else? If you want to know me more, click here. However, there are certain things to state out. This club and I have no relationship with Creative Labs, Inc. I don't work with them at all. But I am just a user of Creative Labs products, that is, the Sound Blaster 32 PnP.

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You may also upload or send your own files to my email [email protected]. I will put your files here for other people to download. Please include a brief description text file for your upload(s). Thank you.

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