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Almost all softwares here are compressed with RAR. If you don't have it, you may download it here.

For DOS version, RAR 2.00 Release Version
For Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 with Win32s version, RAR for Windows 2.00

All copyrights to RAR and WinRAR are exclusively owned by the author - Eugene Roshal.

Latest Drivers and Updates for Sound Blaster
Sound Blaster 16/32/Awe Drivers For Windows 95 SDR-95UPD-1-US Rev 6 [21 Oct 96]
  • Includes updates from Microsoft for DirectX 3.0.
  • Detects the presence of OEM Service Release Pack 2.
  • Enhances the AWE32 Upgrade support.
  • Fixes the problem of mic record setting not being saved on restart.
  • Rate : *****
  • From Creative Labs, Inc.

AWE32/SB32/AWE64 Midi Driver for Windows NT 4.0
  • Standalone AWE32/SB32/AWE64 wavetable midi drivers for WinNT 4.0
  • Rate : *****

Shareware and Freeware
for Windows 95 and Windows 3.x

AweVbank 96 32-bit build 1010
  • both 32-bit and 16-bit available
  • Now with this, you don't need to create a new userbank anymore.
  • Allow to upload soundfonts from various soundbank files.
  • Great interface. Its .vsf virtual soundfont file are majority accepted and supported.
  • 16-bit version also available
  • Rate : *****
  • From Megota Software

Vienna SF Studio 2.0
  • This is the second release of the AWE32 bundled SoundFont editor, Vienna 1.0.
  • The most important is it supports SoundFont 2.0 (.sf2)
  • The interface has fully refined to the more friendlier Win95 style.
  • Click here to go to my personal short (not really short) review of Vienna 2.0
  • Rating : *****
  • Download? Yes, it's available FREE! at Creative Connection

Awave 3.2
  • Every AWE user should have this.
  • Wave file, sound patches, soundbanks converter.
  • Supports HUNDREDs of sound formats.
  • Simple loop editor, simple wave file processor (16-bit to 8-bit, stereo to mono)
  • Virtual keyboard to play the instrument(s)
  • Support AWE32 Authentication.
  • Not support AWE's ROM though.
  • Rate : ****
  • From FMJ Software
  • You need to REGISTER this program to save banks :(

Awetoy 1.0 Gamma 2
  • a 16-bit AWE Control Panel Replacements/Enhancement.
  • Virtual keyboards, direct edit the NPRNs, similar soundbank manager, support Megota's AweVBank's .vsf format.
  • Great and extra effect generators like reverb and chorus.
  • Also include an AWE32 mixer.
  • And lastly, the Midi TOYS. Yup, very "toyish" but great! Features include chords/patterns, pseudo echo and arpeggios.
  • Read the AweToy review by Paul Fishwick
  • Rate : ****+
  • By Geo Pertea, another email address ([email protected])

Cool Edit 95
  • Great wave editor
  • Lots of effect generators, editors
  • dozens of import/export supported formats
  • small CD grabber program.
  • small playback test for sequencing wave samples.
  • no support for opening multiple files but multiple sessions.
  • Rate : ****+
  • downloadable in most shareware archive sites.
  • More info : Cool Edit Homepage

GoldWave 3.22
  • Quite same as Cool95, but with much more friendlier look.
  • Better CD grabber program.
  • many effect generators, but not as much as Cool95's.
  • Allow open multiple files.
  • Rate : ****+
  • More Info : Goldwave Homepage
  • GWave 3.22 still in beta version. Last released version is 3.08

Sound Gadget Pro 32-bit 1.0.5
  • A 32-bit sound editor for Windows95 or WindowsNT 3.51.
  • It supports formats such as .wav, .voc, .au, .snd.
  • New Windows95 common controls such as spin buttons, tabbed dialogs, and property sheets.
  • Reverse, Amplify, Sample Envelope, Stereo panning, Format conversions and more...
  • Great cut and paste features, auto conversion when cut a 16-bit stereo and paste to a 8-bit mono sound.
  • Rate : ****+
  • More Info : Sound Gadget Pro Homepage

Mellosoftron 32-bit 1.1 9/25/96 Release
  • Turn your PC into a LIVE sampler and patch editor!
  • Works on any sound card capable playback 16-bit 22050Hz audio.
  • Control it with an external MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard or a mouse.
  • quite like Timidity for Win95-DOS mode. But this is truly for Win95.
  • Rate : ****
  • More Info : Mellosoftron Homepage

AWE32 Control Panel 2.05 for Windows 95
  • Nothing to say about this. Everyone knows what it is, right?
  • Plus three new features than the old Control Panel :
  • Wavefx : allow you to replace/add wave samples as soundbanks.
  • Playback : play testing the soundbanks.
  • Multiple AWE sound cards selector.
  • Rate : **** (out of five)
  • From Creative Labs, Inc.

AwePiano Release 3
  • This is actually Awetoy's predecessor.
  • Very similar to Awetoy, but Awetoy is still in alpha testing, you may try this if you can't find Awetoy.
  • Rate : ****
  • By Geo Pertea, another email address ([email protected])
  • available at most AWE32 homepages.

Esbeekay 1.21
  • Esbeekay? Sounds like sbk. Yup, the shareware SBK editor.
  • Import Kurzweil, GUS patches. (but it didn't seem to work with my system :( )
  • Great mapping between the patches, instruments and samples.
  • playtest virtual keyboard.
  • Have some problems with certain .sbk files. Don't know why...
  • Not support sf2 yet.
  • Rate : ***+
  • By : Interactive System ?
  • I can't contact the author. Please tell me if he's still around...

MOD4WIN 2.30
  • Windows MOD player
  • lots of file types supported
  • no directly support AWE32 EMU8000 :( only GUS supported.
  • Direct-to-disk playback recording, hmm..can easily fill up your hard disk space. But, that's the way to record to CD.
  • Lot's of memory needed (16-bit 44khz DAC playback)
  • Rate : ***+
  • Mod4Win Homepage

Awe Dumper V 0.9
  • Dump out the 1MB ROM samples.
  • runs on Windows 3.x or Win95
  • saves in wav and raw formats
  • Rate : not tested
  • Author email : [email protected], Homepage

for DOS or Win95 DOS Prompt
MP 0.60
  • beautiful X-VGA resolution DOS AWE MIDI player (also runs under Win95)
  • autoload SBKs with the midi files, NOW supports SF2 !
  • supports mid and mux files
  • supports MPU401, AWE32 and the SoundBlaster MIDI Interface
  • can play multiple files too! (Playlists)
  • Rate : ****+
  • Author's : Homepage

Amp 2.0
  • a DOS mode Awe Mod player.
  • supported mod files include mod, xm, s3m, mtm, nst and ptm.
  • can play multiple files or playlists
  • Houh! Fantastic during background playback in Win3.x or Win95, nearly perfect!
  • custom chorus/reverb types, volume, Fx, and more
  • Rate : *****
  • By [email protected]

AWE MP 1.51
  • another DOS mode Awe Mod player.
  • supported mod files include MOD, XM, S3M, MTM, IT, PTM
  • can play multiple files or playlists
  • Now with File Shell, simplifies playlist selection
  • Reverb and Chorus also supported.
  • Don't ask me to compare between AMP 2.0 and AWE MP 1.5x.
  • Rate : *****

Cubic Player 1.7
  • The most popular DOS midi and mod player
  • Now with direct support for AWE32
  • but midi playback need GUS patches :(
  • Lot's of playback viewers
  • Also has direct-to-disk record option
  • a file selector, effect generator(for DAC playback only)
  • rate : **** (supposed to be 5*, but the use of GUS patches...)
  • Author's email : Niklas Beisert@2:2437/301.44 (Fido-net)
  • Cubic Player 1.7c AWE32 patch available here

Fast Tracker 2.06
  • The best Tracker for DOS
  • Loads modules .MOD, .XM, .S3M and more, save modules as .XM and .MOD
  • Supports many instrument patch format include its own .XI
  • MIDI-in record and MIDI-out playback possible
  • Until now, no direct support for AWE32 :( We will see later.
  • rate : ****+

Convert 1.4b (DOS utility)
  • Another sample converter.
  • Also support many sound format but not as many as Awave.
  • Doesn't really good at converting the loops, refined notes.
  • Rate : ***+
  • downloadable in most AWE32 Homepages.

Commercial Software
Cakewalk Pro Audio 5.0 32-bit and 4.5 16-bit
  • This is not an AWE specific program, but you'll drill out everything of AWE with this.
  • A multi track midi sequencing program.
  • Now can mix audio samples with midi.
  • multiple input functions like piano-roll and staves, also fully support external midi devices.
  • Staff printing include titles, credits and lyrics.
  • Controllers, sysex, MCI functions editing
  • Instruments definitions, faders
  • More... to explore...
  • Rating : huh, you bet! *****
  • a Twelve Tone System Inc product.

<B>Cubase Score 3.0 and Cubase Audio 3.0
  • Urr, anyone used it before?
  • I heard it's so great and even beat my favorite Cakewalk.
  • Rate : untested
  • By ?
  • Most MIDI enthusiasts recommend this software

Encore 4.0 for Windows
  • Music Notation softwares for Windows
  • Print beautiful staves with title, credits, lyrics, and most notation symbols.
  • besides staffs editing, they still lack of other editing like controllers, sysex.
  • Rating : not available
  • By Passport Inc.

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