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Welcome to this page specially dedicated to AWE32 composers in the world. Not because of you all and your works, this page won't even exist! Thank you for supporting me and this page.

This page was established in Saturday, October 12, 1996
Last modified in Sunday, December 08, 1996.

Almost all songs here are compressed with RAR. If you don't have it, you may download it here.

For DOS version, RAR 2.00 Release Version
For Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 with Win32s version, RAR for Windows 2.00

All copyrights to RAR and WinRAR are exclusively owned by the author - Eugene Roshal.

The songs here can be in various formats like MOD, XM, S3M or as simple as a MID with SBK/SF2. However, for pure MIDI files, are stored in my GM and GS Midi Files page.

As I just have too few collection of these files, I can only update this page if there is any visitor's upload. Well, this page a VERY new. Let us see what is the FIRST song posted here...

Catch that goblin!!
  • Date Added : Sunday, October 13, 1996
  • Format : Scream Tracker 3 .S3M
  • Size : 302k
  • Composer/Sender : Skaven, Future Crew
  • Short Description : Anime Chasing sequences, very funny tune...
  • More Info : -

Kingdom Skies

Pink Floyd : Another Brick In The Wall Remix
  • Added : Saturday, October 12, 1996
  • Format : MID with SBK
  • Size : 1.7MB
  • Composer/Sender : [email protected]
  • Short Description : AWE32 Song with Good Lead Guitar...
  • More Info : brickwal.txt

You may submit your own song composition too! Simply attach your file(s) to this email

[email protected]

Please also include a short description text file about the Song Title, File Size, File Format (uses SF1 or SF2), Composers and a Brief Comment about the song.

Notes: Currently the FTP site is only available for uploading files. However, every files in the FTP are downloadable in my HTML pages.

Please send me an email to inform me about your uploads.

After one or two days, your files will be placed here. Your files no need to be high quality as your uploads are most welcome since these are my visitors productions.

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