AWE32 SoundFonts Gallery

This page is specially for AWE32 users. I tried my best to upload or link high quality SoundFonts here. Well, this is the most I got for now.

This page was established in Monday, October 14, 1996
Last modified in Sunday, December 08, 1996

Almost all soundfonts here are compressed with RAR. If you don't have it, you may download it here.

For DOS version, RAR 2.00 Release Version
For Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 with Win32s version, RAR for Windows 2.00

All copyrights to RAR and WinRAR are exclusively owned by the author - Eugene Roshal.

You may submit your SoundFonts collection too! Simply attach your file(s) to this email

[email protected]

Please also include a short description text file about the SoundFont type (SF1 or SF2, RAM sample or ROM sample), the Bank/Patch replaced, Creator and a Brief Comment about the SoundFont.

Please Send me an email to inform me about your uploads. Thanks.

After one or two days, your files will be placed here. Your files no need to be high quality as your uploads are most welcome since these are my visitors productions.

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